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Charles Mills

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The firm’s partners are Charles Mills, an engineering geologist, and Kirstin Otten, an environmental scientist.

Charles has many years’ experience in handling environmental and geotechnical projects. Kirstin’s experience ranges over waste management, environmental impact assessments, environmental auditing, pollution monitoring and environmental research.

Their team includes scientists, environmental technicians and specialists in various fields to ensure the correct expertise for the investigation.

See CVs - Charles Mills/ Kirstin Otten

Charles Mills  
DATE OF BIRTH: 1957/11/15
EDUCATION: University of the Witwatersrand
QUALIFICATIONS: 1982 B.Sc. (Geology, Geography)
  1983 B.Sc. Hons (Engineering Geology)
MEMBERSHIP: Institute of Waste Management
  S.A. Institute of Engineering Geologists
  Geological Society of South Africa
REGISTRATION: Professional Geological Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat)
LANGUAGES: English and Afrikaans
CAREER: 1984 - 1987 Employed as Engineering Geologist by John M. Weaver, Geotechnical Consultants
  1987 - 1992 Self-employed geotechnical consultant
  1992 - Present - Partner, Mills & Otten Environmental Consultants

Environmental Projects: identification of waste disposal sites; visual assessment and detailed geotechnical and geohydrological investigation of numerous waste disposal sites for permitting purposes; waste management strategy development; contamination assessments; mapping of pollution plumes using soil air probing and electromagnetic geophysical techniques; pollution remediation investigations; design of ground water monitoring systems including the siting of monitoring boreholes using geological and geophysical techniques; environmental auditing; Environmental Impact Assessments; implementation of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000); corporate environmental awareness training; consulting and negotiating with Interested and Affected Parties during environmental projects.

Geotechnical Projects: Geological mapping, exploration for kimberlites and dimension stone; location of groundwater, pollution plumes, paleochannels, dykes and faults; seismic surveys for the assessment of rippability and depth to bedrock determination, dolomite stability investigations; foundation investigations for multi-storey buildings; deep basement investigations; slope stability studies; tunnel feasibility studies; location and evaluation of road building and construction materials; the rehabilitation of mined out areas and community based assessment of damaged houses.

Kirstin Otten  
EDUCATION: University of the Witwatersrand
QUALIFICATIONS: 1981 B.Sc. (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics)
MEMBERSHIP: Institute of Waste Management Groundwater Division of Geological Society
REGISTRATION: Professional Environmental Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat.)
LANGUAGES: English and Afrikaans
CAREER: 1982 - 1983 Research Scientist at Central Laboratory, South African Breweries
  1983 - 1987 Employed in various positions by Waste-tech (Pty) Ltd. Last position held was Environmental Protection Manager, with EIA and auditing responsibilities as well as government liaison for permitting purposes.
  1987 - 1992 Freelance environmental consultant.
  1992 - Present. Partner, Mills & Otten Environmental Consultants.
EXPERIENCE: Waste Management: Responsible for the operation of hazardous waste facilities including laboratory; identification of new disposal sites; development of environmental auditing systems and personnel training. Consulting work done on numerous projects such as the identification, investigation, design, commissioning, operation, closure and permitting of landfill sites as well as strategy development for metropolitan areas and Town Councils.

Impact Assessments: Numerous environmental impact assessments have been undertaken for different development proposals. Impact matrices are developed for each individual situation and scoping of affected communities is undertaken.

Environmental Auditing: Ongoing auditing of several waste disposal sites as well as environmental audits of industrial installations. EMP auditing and monitoring is undertaken on most EIA projects. Developed a specific audit procedure for petrochemical depots and service stations which include determination of relative risk to the environment. This had been extended to include due diligence audits and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14000. Training of personnel in environmental aspects of work procedures has been ongoing

Pollution Monitoring: Monitoring of pollution or contamination of surface and groundwater as well as soils. Extensive investigation of the nature and significance of contamination and determination of suitable remediation methodology, such as bioremediation and chemical treatment.

Research: Assessment of different analytical techniques, specifically for petroleum contamination, in association with local and international laboratories. Investigation into the specific chemistry of petroleum products in water and the environmental consequences thereof. Participation in the consortium developing the national policy, strategy and guidelines for remediation of contaminated land and water for DWAF.